Maximize your rental income with IPG property management!

Make Money on Your Central Florida Investment!

Our sister company, IPG Florida Vacation Homes, has been around since 1994 and currently manages over 400 short term vacation rentals in the Central Florida area. IPG Florida Vacation Homes not only provides excellent care for your property while you are away, but also provides excellent rental income for their homeowners.

Check out our comparison chart below to see if you would rather have a short-term rental home or a long-term rental home.

Short Term

Your Home As a Vacation Home

  • Short-term allows you to make more money since prices fluctuate depending on holidays and vacation seasons.

  • You can set minimum tenancy rates so that your renters have to stay for your alloted amount of time.

  • In moments when you have no tenants, you can use your home for your own family vacations – this saves both money and time!

  • Owners of short-term rentals get more tax breaks! Expenses like cleaning, maintenance, insurance, and utilities can usually be deducted. Be sure to check with your local government for more information on this.

  • Short-term rentals usually take on less wear and tear since most tenants only stay a maximum of 14 days. This saves you money on replacements, touch ups, and repairs.

  • Contribute to the local economy by owning a short-term rental! When people stay in a vacation home, they are more likely to visit local theme parks, restaurants, and more!

Long Term

Your Home as a Long-Term Residency

  • Long-term rentals gain constant and consistent income. Predictable income can give you peace of mind and easy money in the bank – even if it is lower than peak season short-term rental rates.

  • Long-term rentals have fewer occupancy meaning less cleanings, paperwork, and hassle.

  • Bills are taken care of by the tenants! Usually when you rent a long-term property, bills like cable, electric, and water are the responsibility of the tenant for a hassle free experience.

  • No need to furnish your home! Most tenants in long-term rentals move in with their own furniture.

  • Hold on to your tenant’s security deposit for your peace of mind and safety until they are ready to move out.

  • IPG provides FREE marketing and advertising on MLS and more to help keep your rental home leased. This package includes professional photography and more.