IPG Real Estates’ Property Listings Receive World Wide Exposure

We market our property listings on a global scale. Most brokerages will list their property listings just on the MLS, but IPG Real Estate goes far above and beyond just the MLS to market our property listings!

  1. We will list your property on:

    1. Zillow

    2. Trulia

    3. Realtor.com

    4. IPGRealEstate.com

      1. IPGRealEstate.com attracts thousands of visitors every month!

    5. Every guest who stays in an IPG Florida Vacation Homes

      1. IPG Florida Vacation Homes deals with tens of thousands of guests every year. Each one of whom is exposed to our listings!

2. We also have international agents that we work with such as: ipg-orlando.com, an affiliate of IPG Real Estate.com, who is based in  Bath, England.

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